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Saturday, July 19, 2008
We opted for the walk to the "Tschafon Hutte" (1737m). Elgar still had to recover from the Baerenfalle walk and decided not to go with us. Why on earth did we call him the Hiking Moose? But oh well ..... it had one advantage: our backpack was much lighter today.

Good to know:
Distance: 14,5 km
Rate: easy, but the track is going up (and down again)
Altitude: Climb/descend more than 850 meters in altitude
Map (incl. elevation information): Dolomiten: Tschafon Hutte
GPS-track available for download: yes
From the hotel parking lot we walk towards Tiers (Tires). As to avoid the busy road, we walk along the Breibach (Rio Brie), a small water that flows all the way to Tiers. The track goes slightly downhill for about 2 kilometers. A short but steep climb up brings us to the town where you can buy something to drink and eat (not on Sundays of course)
Cross the town for a few hundred meters and then turn right, climb up some stairs and follow the track. You will get on track 6U again (see walk St. Zyprian), but this time upon entering the forest we turn right (Track 4).


The trail still goes uphill. We heard the sound of many cow bells but didn't see the cows until we reached the little St. Sebastian Chapel.

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