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Sunday, July 15, 2007
imageElgar decided it was time to do some walking again.

He searched on the Internet for a nice walk but not too long because it was very hot (30 degrees Celsius). After reading through the itinerary Elgar opted for walk nr. 20 (8 kms) from the website Wandelgids zuidlimburg. Hopefully we can trust our little Moose here.

So off we went with a lot of water, digital camera's, binoculars and of course ...... Elgar the Moose. Needless to say that the rucksack was packed and rather heavy.

The walk starts in a town called Lemiers, just about 5 km's from the German border. We came across a lot of so called "Vakwerkhuisjes". Timber framing is the modern term for the traditional half-timbered construction in which timber provides a visible skeletal frame that supports the whole building.


The first 4 km's where through fields and with the high temperature and this huge ball in the sky called the Sun, it was not as easy as it had looked on paper. First we had to climb up to a plateau.


And then the track slowly made its way downwards through the fields and provided some astonishing views over the area.


Down in the valley again the walk passed along some trees and open fields again, where farmers were working hard to cultivate it.

Elgar had to show us the way several times cause he was the one who had read the itinerary properly. We just merely followed him, although we are still not sure whether that was a good idea or not.


We encountered this plant / flower but don't even know the name of it, nor have we seen it before. Can you tell us what it is? Then please let us know (either in Dutch or in English). We are always eager to learn.


We walked up a small hill where we had a magnificent view over the landscape again. Despite the climbing and the heat, we still enjoyed the view presented to us.

The "Vakwerkhuis" which you can see in the picture on the right is the same as the one we shot at the beginning of our walk, only now of course seen from above.


The last 200 meters of this track turned out to be quite a challenge. The path went through shrubs and it just looked like a jungle. Huge stinging nettles and brambles covered the path. After 50 meters we gave up and made a detour through a field. The only one who did not get a scratch at all, was ..... yes, Elgar. He was hiding in the rucksack, the hero !

After this ordeal we reached Lemiers again, where you can find this old church. This small Romanesque chapel once was actually a true church, used by a parish. It dates from either the second half of the 11th century or from the 12th century, although there are sources that claim that the oldest parts of the building dates from the 7th century.


Well, we made it back to the car despite the heat, the sun and the shrubs. We deserve a cool drink now. Not sure about Elgar the Moose, though. He was sleeping throughout this walk for most of the time.

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