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12 November 2010:
Le Petit Som (FR) - 9 km

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Friday, November 12, 2010
A stunning walk to Le Petit Som (1772m), which provides great views over the Chartreuse.

Good to know:
Distance: 9 kms
Rate: moderate
Map (incl. elevation information): Le Petit Som
GPS-track available for download: yes
As always photo's can be enlarged by clicking on them.

We got this walk out of a booklet called "TopoGuides, Le Parc naturel Regional de Chartreuse ... a pied". The booklet is only available in French. Although we do not speak French at all, we were able to understand what was written and managed to do this walk without any problems. Besides there are many signs along the way. Luckily Elgar also knew where to go smile.

The first few km's are through a forest untill you finally reach le Col de La Ruchere (1405m) from where you have splendid views over the area.
In the background (picture on the left side) you can already see Le Petit Som.


We are going all the way round it to reach the top, via de Pas de Loup. If you just want to reach the top you can also follow the sign directly to the top, but like said before we take the route via de Pas de Loup, which is more scenic (and a bit longer ofcourse).

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