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Friday, August 13, 2010
You must have been thinking: is the Moose still alive?
Yep he certainly is and he has done some great hikes in France in June/July which he would like to show off to you. So here we go. This first hike is done in the Chartreuse, which is just north of Grenoble.

Good to know:
Distance: 6 kms
Rate: moderate (part I, 5 km), difficult (part II)
Map (incl. elevation information): Le Cirque de Saint-Meme
GPS-track available for download: yes (partly)

As always photo's can be enlarged by clicking on them.

This track goes to a beautiful waterfall called the Grand Cascade (part I: doable for all hikers among us) and for those who are more adventurous, part II is a small but not easy detour by climbing up alongside one of the waterfalls, crawl into an opening in the rocks and then finally enter into an enormous cave. Our GPS got confused between the rockformations, so therefore only part I is available for the GPS.

Part II we will try to explain by text and our pictures; especially where to start this Part II is a bit tricky. It tooks us quiet a while to figure it out.
Park at the parking lot of Cirque de Saint-meme. We must warn you that it can be very crowded here in high season; as soon as you see the parkinglot you will understand how crowded it can be. Therefore the last few kilometers by car are subject to toll (only in peakseason)

Walk towards the Auberge and pass the so-called panneau (information sign). On the first picture, if you enlarge it, you can spot the waterfalls.
After a few hunderd meters turn left into the woods and follow the sign "Grande Cascade". The track goes uphill as you can see in picture two.


Finally you will arrive at a crossing with a signpost directing you to the right, towards the Grand Cascade. Mind this spot, cause you will have to return here to do Part II of this track. Walk for a few minutes and you will see and hear the Grand Cascade. You can walk downwards a few meters to have an even better view. If you continue this track you will end up at a bridge crossing the water. That path will eventually take you back to the parkinglot. That completes Part I of this track.

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