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Friday, September 04, 2009
oh oh.... we are running behind with our walks. Too much sunny weather here in the Netherlands for the last couple of weeks. It was the fact that Elgar started complaining about inactivity of the HikingMoose website, that made me crawl behind the computer.

This is a walk uphill to the top of Ben Hiant, the highest hill on Ardnamurchan. The track is not difficult and you will be rewarded with lovely views over the whole of Ardnamurchan.

Good to know:
Distance: 6 kms (up and down)
Rate: easy
Map (incl. elevation information): Ben Hiant walk
GPS-track available for download: yes

As always photo's (but not all of them) can be enlarged by clicking on them.

On your way up, also take time to look over your shoulders. Lovely panoramic views everywhere.


The path is easy to follow, but can be boggy when it has rained a lot. On the left picture you can see the top of Ben Hiant. On the right picture some views to the land down below.


At the top of Ben Hiant the views are awesome. Particularly when the sun is shining and the sky is clear, but it can be windy though.

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