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Thursday, July 12, 2007
Today we arrived at home and parked the car in front of the garage. Normally we would drive the car into the garage immediately but this time we somehow decided not to do that. We did some household work for about an hour and then wanted to put the car into the garage. This time we opened up the garage door from the inside.

And then we saw this very young and tiny hedgehog, Just pressed against our garage door. One thing is for sure: we would have driven over it if we would have opened up the electric garage door from the outside.

Just look how cute she/he is !


As Hedgehogs are protected animals we phoned a local hedgehog rescue center what to do. They advised us to put it in a box, with a lot of newsprints, give it some water (not milk!!) and to get it some food, canned cat food would do and then to wait one day to see what happens.

This morning we carefully took a look whether this little thing had eaten something and guess what: the whole saucer was empty. Hurray !!

Tomorrow we will bring it to the rescue center, because it turned out to be much too young to be running around on its own. He/she only weights about 140 gram and combined with its size, can only be about 4 weeks old. So he will be staying in the rescue centre for a couple of weeks and then will be released into the wild again. Underneath photo's just show how tiny he/she still is.

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