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Saturday, December 22, 2007
In former times winters in the Netherlands were long and cold. Nowadays, due to global warming, we are presented with warmer winters, with lots of wind and rain. But last week we had a short cold wave bringing cold clear nights and beautiful bright skies during daytime. One day we woke up to find a frosted landscape. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

The sun just came up behind the trees, trying to warm us up a bit.


After walking through the fields, we came across a small forest, and oh my... an astonishing view it was. All the trees were covered in frost and it all looked like a fairytale. Please enlarge underneath pictures by clicking on them.


As you can see from underneath pictures it was really a winter wonderland. And remarkably not many people were up. All running around like a madman to get all the groceries in for the upcoming Christmas days, to buy the last Christmas presents and you name it. We just enjoyed the views presented to us.


One more picture to finish this winterfeeling.

image is just one other picture. Taken by our parents, who live about 200 kms away from us. They even had more frost than we did.
Sometimes it is just not fair wink. But this one looks just great, doesn't it?


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Sunday, November 18, 2007
During one of our walks in the fields we saw this 'thing' in the air. And we had to wait quite a while before we could figure it out it was an hot-air balloon, one with a very peculiar shape.


That evening we have seen at least 16 hot-air balloons in the air. Ofcourse all heading the same direction. If you look good you will count 5 of them on this photo.

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Monday, October 15, 2007
Here some lovely pictures of the Rogie Falls during Autumn in Scotland. The colors are just amazingly. Yellow, red, orange, soft green, dark green, and everything in between .


The pictures underneath are taken around the Falls and can be enlarged by clicking on them. We had seen the Rogie Falls in Spring but we like it more in this specific time of the year. Just enjoy!
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Monday, August 06, 2007
On our regular stroll in the evening through the fields near our house, we always spot something.

Just look at those magnificent clouds above the fields. Our country is "famous" because of the Dutch lights painted frequently by old masters in the 17th century.


And how about this lovely Peacock butterfly (Inachis io, in Dutch: Dagpauwoog)?

These butterflies are called Peacock butterflies because of the large and colourful eyespots on their wings. Those patches resemble those on the tail of the peacock.


ah..well... Nature can be so beautiful. A pity that most people tend to forget that.
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