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Saturday, January 16, 2010
Today I went for a hike with my colleague Eef from work. We opted for the Brunssummerheide which is nearby. Completely dressed up for this winterwalk we headed off only to discover 15 minutes later that we were somehow lost as we were unable to follow the track instructions as all tracks were covered in snow and thus not visible for us. Damn. So then we decided to just follow our instinct and to find the restaurant, which should be halfway this track, on our own.

And.....we made it to the Restaurant Schieversheide in about one hour and 15 minutes. Hot chocolate was our reward. We grabbed ourself a booklet with available walks and map of the area and opted for the darkgreen route........but ......we could not find a darkgreen colored signpost, only a blue and yellow and light green one. Oh well, we managed to get here, so we will manage to get back to the parking lot...won't we?


We are able to pick up the darkgreen track after about 20 minutes and are definitely on our way back. Unless you oversee a signpost somewhere and end up at a spot we had been 1,5 hours ago. Duh.........


Somehow we make it back to the parking lot afterall. We have been walking for almost 3 hours on snow covered grounds (instead of the 2 hours we anticipated). But....a great walk full with creativity, LOL.
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Sunday, January 10, 2010
wow....This year our winter is a real winter. With temperatures dropping at night below - 10 Celsius and during daytime an average of - 4 Celsius. And the last 1 week we were presented with lots of snow........... we just love it.

Here some pictures taken on January 3rd, 2010:


and one week later we had this very cold winterday with gusts and lots of snow. Despite those weather conditions we went for a walk and took the following pictures:

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