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Camus Nan Geall Bay (Scotland)
Camus Nan Geall Bay (SC)
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Saturday, August 15, 2009
Another sunny day on Ardnamurchan (Scotland) and we opt for a walk at the Camus Nan Geall bay (Bay of the Stranger).

Good to know:
Distance: 7 kms
Rate: moderate
Map (incl. elevation information): Camus Nan Geall walk
GPS-track available for download: yes

As always photo's (but not all of them) can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Start is from a parkinglot where you can overlook this stunning bay.


Underneath overview of this gorgeous bay is for sale on Dreamstime.

Camus Nan Geall Bay (Scotland)
Photographer: Orion9nl | Agency:

The walk slowly descends towards the bay and soon you will come across huge stones which are the remains of a chambered burial place, about 6,000 years old.

A little bit further on towards the beach is a small walled enclosure said to be the burial place of the Campbell family's catholic members. In front of the enclosure is a bronze age standing stone. The sea facing edge reveals two well worn engravings: a celtic cross and a dog.


Once on the beach, head west along the shoreline. The path rises into the banked remains of an ironage promontory fort (3000 years old).

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