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Camus Nan Geall Bay (Scotland)
Camus Nan Geall Bay (SC)
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Thursday, June 25, 2009
Finally find the time to select some of our astonishing pictures shot on Ardnamurchan for our first real walk on this peninsula.

Good to know:
Distance: 7 kms
Rate: easy
Map (incl. elevation information): Portuairk - Sanna Bay circular walk
GPS-track available for download: yes

As always all photo's can be enlarged by clicking on them.

After the short hike to the vulcano ridge, we went for a walk along the coast from Portuairk to Sanna Bay and back.

Start is from the small village Portuairk where you can park you car either at the crossing near the beach or a bit higher up the road. Elgar was eager to show the area to his new friend, Mr. Dip (Mr. Dip was given to us as a present from a colleague at the office who happens to know we walk around with a stuffed moose during our walks). The view is towards Sanna Bay and the sea.


The walk takes you along the waterfront and beaches of Sanna Bay. It feels as if you are in the Caribbean, with the bright blue / green colouring of the water.


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
We just returned from our summer holidays in Scotland. Sunny and warm weather combined with an unspoilt and undisturbed peninsula made it an unforgettable trip.

Ardnamurchan's crater (Scottish Gaelic: ''Ard na Murchan'': land of the great seas) is a 50 square mile peninsula and contains an abundance of wildlife. Its remoteness is accentuated by the main access route being a single track road for much of its length.

Good to know:
Distance: 3 kms
Rate: easy
GPS-track available for download: no

As always all photo's can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Our first walk, a very easy and short one, is a part of the Old School House Path, which starts just after you have passed the Sonachan hotel.

Why particularly that walk?
Because the whole north western corner of Ardnamurchan is a large "caldera" which is a crater left behind by a collapsed volcano. It is that crater that we wanted to see from a higher viewpoint and this track going slightly uphill takes you to the edge of the crater.


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