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Saturday, August 11, 2007
Today we visited Maria Laach and its vicinity. All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Maria Laach, originally Abbatia S. Mariae ad Lacum (St. Mary’s Abbey on the Lake) or just “ Laach” (Lake) is situated in a geologically interesting area.
The lake owes its origin to a volcanic cave-in, it is a maar.


As you descend to the Abbey you have to become fascinated by the portico: The entrance to Paradise.

Arcades on three sides provide delightful glimpses both of the inner courtyard with the jet of the Lions’ Fountain and the scene outside.


There are a lot of ornaments. f.i. this little devil of Laach noting the “ sins of the people” on parchment.

The interior of the Abbey is sober with a lot of mosaics and glass windows, but as it is not allowed to take pictures inside, you will have to go yourself to have a look at it.
Nowadays there are only 56 monks in the monastery.


After visiting the Abbey we decided to do a walk in the vicinity of about 14,5 kms (around the Maar). Of course we have taken pictures of that walk which will follow this week in a separate entry. Elgar Moose was with us during the whole day and is prominently photographed. Stay tuned.
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