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Friday, July 06, 2007
The last couple of weeks the Great Spotted Woodpecker is a frequent quest at our birdfeeder. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon are his favorite times to eat some peanuts.

This picture shows a male Great Spotted Woodpecker, which can easily be recognised due to the red patch on the back of his head. A juvenile woodpecker has a red patch on its nape (not on the back of its head). The female woodpecker hasn't got a red patch at all. So, it is quite easy to tell who is eating all our peanuts today.

When the Sparrow-Hawk just a couple of days ago caught the house-sparrow in our garden, the juvenile woodpecker was feeding from the birdfeeder, which is only about one meter away from where the sparrow-hawk had landed.
He kept on hanging there stiff as a board, while the sparrow-hawk was plucking its prey on the ground. We could hear the juvenile thinking: "please, don't let her see me, please don't let her see me". The poor creature was hanging in there for at least 10 minutes before he was able to escape to a saver spot.


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