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Thursday, April 09, 2009
4 days off during Easter and thus we opted to have a short break in department Aisne in France, which is situated in North France, near the border with Belgium.

We stayed in the Chambre d'hote Bel Any, Any-Martin-Rieux (Fr). A Chambre d'hote is the French word for an B&B. This B&B is run by Dutch proprietors. They speak English, German, France and Dutch which comes in handy if you are not familiar with the French language.


Any-Martin-Rieux is a very tiny town in Picardie and the only thing which you can do in this region is bicycling and hiking/walking. If you are looking for a place where you can walk for a whole day without seeing any other hikers, then THIS IS IT. We did 3 walks in this area and we only saw one local person.

You can even take along Roxy, the house-dog of B&B Bel Any. She loves to go out and do some walking. She will listen to anybody who calls her name, ain't that nice.


And because it was Easter time we had a Easter breakfast and Easter fire at night.


Our tracks will follow shortly !

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