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Le Petit Som (FR) - 9 km

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Le Charmant Som (FR) - 13 km

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Monday, July 02, 2007
Here you can find an overview of all the walks, organised per country and listing all relevant information like km's and whether a GPS-track is available for download.
When you click on the link of a track, you will be taken to the entry of that track with the ability to download the GPS-track.

Country: Netherlands Town / City KM's GPS-track
Limburg Heijenrath 12 km's No
Limburg Lemiers 8 km's No
Limburg Rimburg 15 km's No
Limburg Meinweg National Park 10 km's Yes
Limburg Oud-Valkenburg (Gerendal) 20 km's Yes
Limburg Ubachsberg 12 km's Yes
Limburg Vijlen 9.5 km's Yes
Limburg Wahlwiller circular walk 16.9 km's Yes
Limburg Wahlwiller circular walk 8 km's Yes
Country: Austria
Tyrol Oetz 10.5 km's Yes
Tyrol Umhausen (Stuibenfall) 12 km's Yes
Tyrol Gries 17 km's Yes
Tyrol Oetz, Knappenweg 14 km's Yes
Country: Belgium
Flanders (Voerstreek) Flint walk Sint Pietersvoeren 9 km's Yes
Flanders (Voerstreek) To Aubel and back 22.5 km's Yes
Flanders (Voerstreek) To Teuven and back 21 km's Yes
Country: France
Picardie Any-Martin-Rieux 22 km's Yes
Picardie Signy-Le-Petit 8.5 km's Yes
Picardie Logny les Aubenton 8.8 km's Yes
Rhone-Alpes Le Charmant Som 13 km's Yes
Rhone-Alpes Le Petit Som 9 km's Yes
Country: Germany
Bayern Rothenburg Tauber No
Eifel Maria Laach 15 km's No
Country: Italy
Sud-Tirol St. Zyprian 19 km's Yes
Sud-Tirol Tiers (Tschafon Hut) 14.5 km's Yes
Sud-Tirol Ums 18 km's Yes
Sud-Tirol Tiers (Tierser Alpl Hut) 20 km's Yes
Country: Scotland
Ardnamurchan Portuairk - Sanna Bay 7 km's Yes
Ardnamurchan Camus Nan Geall 7 km's Yes
Ardnamurchan Ben Hiant (528m) 6 km's Yes
HighlandsStrathconon 9 km's Yes
HighlandsCulbin Forest 11 km's Yes

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Sunday, July 01, 2007
Click on any icon to be taken to that specific track

View larger map of Walk & tracks of worldwide

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Well.....where to start?
Do you ever take a look at all the photo's in your digital photo-album on the computer to see what you have photographed the last couple of months? Nope .....of course not, it is just too much, isn't it.
You do want to have some kind of diary to fresh up your memory, but you know you are not a real writer type?

Well, that is exactly what we have been thinking about for quite some time and came to the conclusion that a blog could solve this problem.

Why is your blog called
ah ...... good question.
Did you know it took us ages to decide on a name for our blog! Really, it is not as simple as it looks cause most domain names were already taken.

Now we are lucky people because often on our trips in the nature, we bring along a stuffed animal which accompanies us in our rucksack. And somehow, although we have tons of stuffed animals and he is not even that small, we always seem to grab Elgar the Moose.
So.....we love to hike, like to bring a silly Moose on our hikingtrips, our blog was born !

Who is Elgar the Moose?
Elgar the Moose originates from Norway. He has even got an own website. It tells you that Elgar is a bit clumsy and helpless but always in a good mood and very friendly. He always brings a smile to our faces.
In reality we are two crazy Dutch people, living in the Province of Limburg.

But who and what is then Clan MacMoose?
Clan MacMoose are our co-authors from Scotland. (Now you probably understand the words "Clan" and "Mac", don't you?). They run a lovely Bed & Breakfast, Homefarm (Muir of Ord), and we have met them in the year 2006 during our summer holidays.

Clan MacMoose are real nature-lovers and know the best places to go to in Scotland. They are big fans of and wanted to be part of this great adventure. So......we have made them co-authors. Now and then they will post some pictures, mostly focused on the wildlife and landscapes of Scotland.

Enjoy your stay at our blog and if you want, please leave us a comment

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