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Friday, May 22, 2009
After the easy stroll yesterday it was time for a long hike and we decided to walk to Aubel and then see if we could make it to the Abbey of Val-Dieu.

Good to know:
Distance: 22.5 kms
Rate: easy
Map (incl. elevation information): Aubel
GPS-track available for download: yes

As always all photo's can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Again start is from B&B de Kraanvogel in Sint Pietersvoeren.
It was lovely weather: sun and blue skies, not too warm, just perfect walking conditions. The first part of the track is familiar to us as it is the track we ended up with yesterday. Nevertheless we enjoy the scenery. Just like these cows.


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Thursday, May 21, 2009
Our first day in the "Voerstreek" and we decided to do a walk from a booklet containing hikes in this area. It is the so-called flint walk (in Dutch we name it "Vuursteen wandeling") as those stones can be found throughout the walk.

Good to know:
Distance: 8.8 kms
Rate: easy
Map (incl. elevation information): Sint Pietersvoeren
GPS-track available for download: yes

As always all photo's can be enlarged by clicking on them.

The walk starts and ends straight from the doorstep of our B&B in Sint Pietersvoeren (in French: Fourons-Saint-Pierre) so that is very handy.As you can see from the pictures, the terrain is somewhat hilly and there are also a lot of fruit orchards around.


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Tuesday, May 19, 2009
We just returned from a short break in Belgium, to be precise in the Voerstreek, where we stayed in a lovely B&B called "De Kraanvogel".
"De Kraanvogel" is situated in Sint Pieters-Voeren and is surrounded by hills and forests.


This B&B has a huge garden which even has ample place for a (see the stable on the lefthand side of this picture)


As Elgar is not a real horse fan, we planned for several walks instead and because the weather was just great, we managed to do 3 lovely walks, which all started straigth from the doorsteps of this B&B. So stay tuned for more pictures to come shortly.

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Friday, May 15, 2009
Our friends in Scotland went out for a day to a lovely garden in Aviemore. They shot this picture of a very cute squirrel.


Soon we will be visiting Scotland ourselves again and hope to shoot some wildlife pictures as well.

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